37500 Books Delivered by Libraries for Kids Int’l in a Remote Town in Kenya

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  • Post last modified:March 20, 2021

The journey began in September 2020 and the much-anticipated container ferrying 37500 books, which had been shipped by Libraries for Kids Int’l, finally arrived in Kitui. Kitui is a remote town in Eastern parts of Kenya. The books arrived at 4:20 am Sunday Morning.

The community has been beyond excited and this was evident by the number of volunteers flocking at the warehouse to help with the offloading, unpacking, stamping, and sorting of different books for various schools. At the moment, the books have been packed in respective books for various schools, ready for delivery as soon as the national examinations are finalized.

A container with 37500 books arriving in Kitui Kenya at 4:20am on Sunday Morning