All They Need is Someone to Extend a Helping Hand!

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  • Post last modified:February 11, 2021

In 2021, Libraries for Kids, Int’l is working on shipping 176,000 books in eight 40 inch containers to Kenya. These books, although they are yet to be delivered to the schools, are already bringing hope to the communities. Head teachers from the 11 schools that have already benefitted financially and received books shipped by LFK are reporting that they have already witnessed change in their communities, and there is a glimpse of hope in the mind of many.

At Marothiley Primary School, Mr Nicholas Mutua is happy to report that although the Somali community he works with are pastoralists, they are making an effort to study at night, with the help of the books they bought after LFK send them some money earlier. He said this in a recent email to Roy Austin:-

Hi sir how are you doing sir, we are fine on our side, your support has had a tremendous boost on our enrollment even some have resulted to learn during the night time then, during the day they go to look after their livestock since they are pastoralists community, thanks a lot, nice time.

Adults and children alike, have enrolled in this school and the teachers are sacrificing their leisure time in the evenings until late, so they can help those willing to learn. It is not uncommon to find adults unable to read or write among the residents in rural Kenya and most especially in Wajir, Samburu, Garissa, Marsabit and Mandera, just to name a few counties in Northern Kenya and other Pastoral communities.

At Katisaa Primary School, the current Headteacher is amazed by the turn-out based on reports from previous years. In a recent conversation, he indicated that ‘all these children and their parents need is support- a helping hand. They are ready to put in the hard work!’

There were fears that after staying home for more than 9 months due to COVID-19, the number of students who report back to school would drop significantly. While this has been true in some schools, it is very interesting to see that this is not exactly the case of some of the schools LFK has sought to make a difference. The overall number of turn-out has been impressive since schools reopened and the students are excited, reading their new books.