Amboseli Primary and Secondary School

Would you be able to focus on studies if you lived in the corridors of wildlife animals? If your school was located next to a national park or reserve where predators can quickly attack you, would you wake up every day and head to school? If you knew that in case of an attack, the strong warriors at the community would not be able to assist as they are miles away herding cattle, would you leave the comforts of your home for a chance to learn? What would you do with your life, while in this situation, and knew that the entire community is making sacrifices to provide you with education, the best that is available just so you get that one chance? Would you give up or make it count?

A student in Amboseli primary and Secondary school do not have to think twice about this. Their answer to these questions is that the risk is worth it. They are facing this situation every day, and they do not focus on the challenges but on the fruits of their labor. They dream of becoming pilots, powerful politicians, surgeons, air hostess, teachers, nurses, and soldiers among other white-collar professionals. Yes, education is essential to them. If only they had all the resources that they need such as adequate books? They would be unstoppable!

Located next to a community of nomadic herdsmen (Masai tribe), the students in this institution are a classic example of what every Kenyan student wants and how they are as they strive to build a future brighter than their present. Because of their traditions and customs, warriors hardly spend time at home. They are gone for weeks to graze their herds, leaving the children and women at home. This makes them vulnerable but the risk is worth it as education is key to success. With adequate access to the books from Libraries for Kids International, the community is grateful as this increases their chance of realizing their dreams.