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Help us supply books and other supplies to schools in rural areas of underdeveloped countries to enable those schools have a library for their students. Libraries For Kids, Int’l will assist those schools in broadening the educational opportunities for their students.


Here is a list of some of the books the rural schools would like to have for their libraries. Contact us today to donate.

Cost/benefit: It’s expensive to ship books, so while some books may be of interest, we want to ship books that would have the greatest probability of being beneficial. This is a judgement call. Any books we receive that we deem of minimal benefit will be donated to Goodwill. Audience: 

  • Elementary and early middle school
  • Live in the bush. No electricity, plumbing, or internet
  • Animals like elephants may wander through the school yard
Not Appropriate: 
  • Adult novels
  • College textbooks
  • Teacher’s guides- they use different textbooks
  • Medical guides- They don’t access to treatments or equipment like in the USA. 

Books Needed


World History


World Books


English & Grammar






Oral Skills




Story Books

World Books




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