About Our Donor Honor Roll

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Our donors are vital to the success of Libraries For Kids, Int’l. We recently featured them in our August’s Newsletter Special Edition. We will continue to recognize your efforts via the Donor Honor Roll based on cumulative contributions.

No matter what level you are on, no matter the contribution you have made, YOU ARE IMPORTANT and so is your continuing support. We hope you will continue to contribute and gradually move to a higher level on the honor roll.

The levels are as listed below. Click on the number of people to find out more information:- 

DONOR LEVELS (Swahili Name in Parenthesis)Cumulative DonationsNumber of Donors
Meerkat (Meerkat)Donated books or Money 89 People
Zebra (Punda Milia)$100+27 People
Impala (Pala)$500+3 People
Giraffe (Twiga)$1,000+7 People
Oryx Antelope (Choroa)$2,500
Rhinoceros (Kifaru)$5,000
Sable Antelope (Mfano Mzuri)$7,500
Cheetah (Duma)$10,0002 People
Leopard (Chui)$25,000
Lion (Simba)$50,000
Elephant (Tembo)$100,000
Maasai Club$250,000
Sharron Austin Society$500,000

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