LFK Books in 11 Rural Schools

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  • Post last modified:April 24, 2021

As covid-19 forces Kenyan schools to remain closed, LFK continues to support learning in the rural setting. At the moment, four primary schools, Msorongo, Kalimeza, Mbagha, and Katisaa primary schools, are collecting three boxes each from their respective post offices. The teachers are grateful that they can invite students to visit the school to borrow the texts so that they can keep busy during the pandemic.

This recent successful shipment brings the total of schools that have benefited from LFK to 11 rural schools in Kitui, Taita Taveta, Wajir, and Kajiado counties. These schools are:-

In Kenyan rural settings, majority of the children have not been learning as they have no access to internet, adequate power connection, computers, or Televisions through which, the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), has been supporting e-learning. Teachers have been providing assignments and various weekly tasks for their students through the parents but without adequate reference material for each child, they can’t do much.

We are grateful LFK Int’l chose to better learning in these rural settings.