LFK Shipping Eight Containers to Remote Towns in Kenya

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  • Post last modified:October 29, 2020

Despite all the major challenges experienced worldwide in 2020, LFK continues to defy odds and touch the lives of children in remote Kenya. By July 2020, LFK is planning to ship eight containers with about 22,000 books in each, for distribution in rural Kenya. The dream to change the lives of tomorrow’s leaders is slowly becoming a reality and it is all thanks to all those generous donors.

Most of the schools LFK targets to help set up libraries are in the remote areas in Kenya where there is low to zero internet connection. Some areas are such that there is zero voice communication and the only source of power is solar systems.

What LFK is doing for the children and the communities in these remote areas is incredible. Crossing the borders, navigating the tough terrains, and even if you have to leave vehicles behind to cross rivers, the dream remains alive! There’s no greater gift than an an opportunity to realize your potential and this is exactly what LFK is giving to children in these rural communities. It will go beyond the current generation! Thank you LFK!