LFK, Thank You for Helping Change Our Lives!

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  • Post last modified:October 29, 2020

“LFK, thank you for your dedication and determination to change our lives!”. These were the words of Madam Marycaster, HT Makaani when I recently visited her establishment.

Makaani primary school was established in 1980 and the first class of candidates sat for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in 1988. While it has been over three decades since it was established, the institution is yet to assist its learners to achieve their full potential. Madam Marycaster, who hails from Machakos county, lamented that lack of adequate resources has greatly affected their effectiveness in the schools. She is a new teacher in the school and after teaching a semi-urban school in her previous posting, she can clearly see that if only Makaani primary school could get books to support learning for all grades, it could will help shape the future of Makaani community.

The situation in Makaani is echoed in all rural schools I have visited since LFK began it’s operations in Kenya in September 2019. Rural schools, even those that have been in operation for more than three decades, have very few resources to support learning. Therefore, while the teachers do the best they can, they still come out short. In an entire community where over 40 students complete their KCPE and about 25 sit for their KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) every year in class eight and Form 4 respectively, less than five succeed to secure professional jobs or have successful careers. In Makaani, all teaching staff, except one, are imported from other regions.

Madam Marycaster’s dream is to be part of the solution and help bring change to the community! The same dream is shared by all other headteachers in rural schools.

Just by sending books to these students and by equipping the teachers with resources to motivate learning among the students, LFK might do more than shape the future of one child. It could help change the future of an entire community and help change the course of history in these regions!