Libraries for 600 Rural Schools in Kenya!

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  • Post last modified:September 14, 2020

At the moment, Libraries for Kids Int’l is working on a project to ship a container holding 22,000 books to rural schools in Kenya. The cost of shipping one container is $15,000 and while this is already covered, in this month of September, Libraries for Kids Int’l has an incredible opportunity to ship three more containers at the same time!

The organization LFK is working with to ship the container is having a 2 for 1 promotion and as potential donors we need you. Join us in raising another $15,000 by September 30 to facilitate 2 more containers.

A total of 4 Containers will create libraries for not less than 600 rural schools in Kenya without any access to the internet. Our efforts will be helping shape the lives of very many rural learners with a thirst for knowledge! Join our fundraising efforts, share the good news with your network, and be part of the team bringing change in the lives of these young children!

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  1. Helen Lemmons

    I think what you are doing for the children of Africa and other countries is so wonderful. I wish American children could see how people in other countries live and are excited about books. As a former teacher, I appreciate all of your efforts on behalf of these children. I don’t know if Roy will see this , but he and Sharron were a part of a group of friends here in Kingsport and Bristol, Tenn. I have such great memories of our fun times with them! What a woman! And…what a man! Take care, Roy.
    I was so sad when I heard of Sharron’s passing and I know she is approving from above everything Roy, and the other directors have done with this Organization. I am glad to donate to this cause.
    Sincerely, Helen Lemmons

    1. bookskidsz36

      Thank you so much Helen for your donation. I’ll see to it that Roy sees this! Subscribe to receive our monthly newsletter and learn more about everything LFK is doing for the rural learners in Kenya!

  2. Helen

    Helen, thanks for your kind words. I have fond memories of the Christmas parties at your house. Do you still do that?

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