Libraries for Kids International has reached out to Muamba Secondary School

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  • Post last modified:August 19, 2020

On January 14th, Libraries for Kids International (LFK) reached out to the head-teacher at Muamba Secondary school, Kalimeza primary school, AIC Charity Ngilu Secondary school, Mangina Primary School, Katundu primary school, Mwashoti primary school, and Msorongo primary school. These institutions are located in an area with little or no internet access and poor phone service. However, they would love to establish a library for their students.

By offering to send them books and money to buy textbooks that fit their curricula, LFK will be able to fulfil a dream the stakeholders in the institution never thought could be possible.

Muamba secondary school is located about eight kilometres from the neighbouring Mutomo town which is about 75 kilometres from Kitui Town. The institution neighbours Muamba primary school that is also in a similar condition with similar needs.

Kalimeza primary school and AIC Charity Ngilu Secondary school are located about 7-15kilometers from the neighbouring Kitui town and they have limited access to internet connectivity. The institutions have empty rooms that could function as library structures but they have not been able to equip it properly as they have inadequate reading materials for their students that are shared among three to five pupils per class.

Mangina primary school is located about 17 kilometres from the nearest Mulutu town, and about 27 kilometres from Kitui Town. Network and phone services in the region are awful but the head-teacher is happy that their institution has been included in the program and will benefit from reading material for their students.

Katundu primary school is about 35 kilometres from the nearest Mutomo town and about 80 kilometres Kitui town.

Msorongo and Mwashoti Primary schools are in Taita Taveta County in Coastal Kenya and right at the corridors of Tsavo west national park.