Libraries for Kids International Sends Books to Kyalilini Primary Schools

Just like Amboseli schools, Kyalilini Primary School is also celebrating good news from the Libraries for Kids International. On 22nd October 2019, Roy Austin and his team of generous donors mailed books to both institutions. A total of 80 books, all weighing about 104lbs, were sent directly to two institutions, Kyalilini and Amboseli, costing Libraries for Kids International about $1,010 in shipment cost.

Three of the four boxes send were meant for Kyalilini Primary school. Libraries For Kids International mailed the boxes mostly filled with encyclopedias weighing about 84lbs. The school is located approximately two and a half hours east of Kenya’s capital city and 10 kilometers North of Kitui town. The 60 books from Libraries for Kids International should reach the school by mid-December. Kyalilini primary school has also received some funds that will help cover custom fees and also purchase new textbooks for the students.

While the schools are closed for the holidays in Kenya until January 2020, the students and communities in the region are excited and eager to receive help from Libraries for Kids International. Churches supporting the schools in Kyalilini have dedicated special prayers for the Libraries For Kids International as the institution works towards making a difference for children located in rural parts of developing countries.