Libraries for Kids Int’l Making a Real Difference in Rural Schools in Kenya

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  • Post last modified:December 10, 2020

When Libraries for Kids Int’l first got in touch with Schools in rural Kenya, we imagined schools without adequate books for their learners. While this is the case for most of them, other schools are in worse conditions. The teachers lack teaching materials but are resourceful in making charts on pieces of sack using yarn.

Learning is carried out in semi-permanent structures with learners on seated either on the floor, on a sack, or a mat.

Teachers use worn-out blackboards year in year out to help support education for these scholars yearning for knowledge.

The determination in the parents and other members of the community keeps the teachers coming back every day ready to keep the learning going. Even in light of terror, burglary attacks, cattle rustling in the community, and attacks directed on foreigners in the region, teachers such as Mr Nicholas Mboi Mutua imported from other counties, give their best for the learners in every way they can. The parents work hard to repair the classrooms after storms, to build kitchens and toilets for their children, and pay to support other activities that the $5.50/ child from the government cannot cover.

In sending them funds to buy textbooks for their learners, Libraries for Kids, Int’l did more than providing an opportunity for these learners. You gave hope to a community barely on their feet in search of knowledge! As the learning fully resumes in 2021, the children in Marothiley Primary School will be a motivated lot with new exercise books, pens, pencils, rubbers, and crayons. Teachers will have an easier time as they have several copies of textbooks for each grade. The learning process will also be easier as students will be more comfortable on their new mats as they study. I wouldn’t be surprised that more students who had stayed away from school will enrol at Marothiley or Shildley Primary Schools (the schools neighbour each other but about 15km apart).