Libraries for Kids Int’l Picking the Interest of One Kid at a Time

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  • Post last modified:April 21, 2021

Libraries for Kids Int’l was created to help shape tomorrow’s future through books and establishing libraries, so they can assist rural communities to achieve their potential.

A simple book like simplified Kid’s bible (My First Bible by Kenneth N. Taylor) donated to the Kenyan community can motivate a kid to develop the desire to read. After school, that kid is motivated to narrate the story to their grandparents as soon as they get home. It’s motivating a five-year-old, preschooler yet to join grade one in a year, want to read the sentences and ask questions as to what some of the ‘long words’ (words with more than five-letters mean or are pronounced).

A short story book with highlighted new words and defined meanings is helping a child relate what they just read to real-life cases or a program they have been enjoying on TV. You know you are helping someone learn something new when you hear a fourth-grader say, “Oooh, so that is how we spell ecstatic– I heard it on TV yesterday!”

As beneficiaries of the project, parents and teachers we run out of vocabularies to praise the efforts and express their gratitude to Libraries for Kids Int’l.