Libraries for Kids Sends Books to Amboseli Schools

In August 2019, Libraries for Kids started operations by focusing on getting study material to Amboseli Primary and Secondary school in rural Kenya. The Kenyan government does not build school buildings. If you want a school building, you construct it yourself or raise the money to have it built. The government, however, does supply teachers and some school supplies.

It is based on the conditions in this school that Inspired Roy to set up Libraries for Kids, a foundation that would help nurture the leaders of tomorrow by providing them with books and hence helping the institutions set up libraries for their students. The institution has so far received approximately 130lbs of books. They have also received funds that have enabled them buy about 57 books.

Amboseli school is located next to a Maasai tribe (nomadic herdsmen), and this community has tried to change their way of life to allow their children to get an education.

Historically, the Maasai move frequently to wherever the grazing is best for their herds of cattle, sheep, and goats. However, school buildings cannot move. Therefore, the tribe located their village next to the school buildings so their children can go to school. This requires the warriors to take the herds farther away to graze. They may be gone 2 to 4 weeks making them and their herds more vulnerable to predators. However, they are willing to take the risk so their children can get an education.