LFK Needed in Rural Schools

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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt life as we know it, the Kenyan government has introduced televised learning sessions on the EDU channel (a national program on TV), Radio…

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Learning in Rural Kenya

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From William, Maktau Primary School in Taita Taveta During my days in primary school, we used to have crowded classes of at least 40-60 pupils. This made us strain when…

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Amboseli Primary and Secondary School

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Would you be able to focus on studies if you lived in the corridors of wildlife animals? If your school was located next to a national park or reserve where predators can quickly attack you, would you wake up every day and head to school?

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Rural Schools In Kenya

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Before 2012, many students who completed their primary or secondary school studies and performed poorly had no hope for a bright future. Opportunities to advance to the next level were…

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Bridging the Gap

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The books from Libraries for Kids International couldn’t come at a better time in most rural schools in Kenya. All candidates in both primary and secondary schools just completed their…

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Thirst for Knowledge in a Rural School

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Imagine during science, social studies or religious education lessons, and the only textbook available is the one held by the teacher. Imagine that if you did not copy the notes,…

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Kongoni Primary School

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The look on the faces of pupils at Kongoni Primary is that of happy, joyful kids as they dance to a celebration during the closing assembly at the end of…

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