Thank you for Your generous donations during the Christmas Holidays

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  • Post last modified:August 19, 2020

In December, Libraries for Kids International (LFK) received numerous gifts and this has made it easier for them to help more schools that have come forward asking for resources that could help them equip their libraries. So far, more than ten schools have been contacted and they are likely to receive the books LFK shipped to them by 5th February.

One of the biggest challenges Libraries for Kids international is likely to continue experiencing while connecting to these schools is communication as network connectivity is inferior in most of these areas. The head-teachers at Shildley, Maratholiey, Muamba, Waaso, Lambarah, Katundu, Katia, Kongoni, Maktau, and Mwashoti among others, report that at their schools, there is limited network coverage and phone service. Sometimes these teachers have to make trips to the nearby town to use the internet or make long calls for proper communication.

However, despite the challenges faced, the teachers have embraced the project and are excited to receive funding and books sent by the foundation for the benefit of the rural kids!