Thank you Libraries for Kids Int’l For Being There For Us

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  • Post last modified:August 18, 2020

Not many people will give so much and still continue doing so even in light of challenges. LFK has undertaken an incredibly difficult challenge of eradicating famine of books and other schooling supplies in rural areas. As a Kenyan and someone who has grown up in these rural areas, I know first-hand, just how much the people in those areas need help. It is a never-ending battle for share of national resources. Due to tough terrain, poor network connectivity, and telephone services, the people are forgotten and left to merely survive to fight to get themselves out of poverty.

Education is the most effective tool of eliminating poverty and by focusing on these rural areas, LFK is giving us, rural dwellers, the tools to dig ourselves out of poverty. With a book, we can even learn under the trees as our teachers and parents work on erecting structures to protect us when it rains or the sun is too hot.

For being part of the solution in our region, we are grateful, very much grateful. We are still amazed by your generosity and all you are doing for us. Thank you LFK.