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We are a non-profit corporation approved by the United States IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that receives donations of books and money.

Libraries For Kids is also a registered charity in South Carolina, USA.

Currently, Libraries For Kids is focused on getting study material to schools in rural Kenya.

Most of the school are located in communities that face major challenges everyday some of which include but not limited to; environmental, climatic, and cultural conditions among others.

Students at Amboseli, hungry for knowledge, enduring hardships to be educated
In some regions, the communities have changed their way of life to allow their children to get an education, in others, the parents establish boarding facilities so that the students do not have to be exposed to predators at home since they reside near national parks and reserves.  Therefore, most of the communities in these rural regions have done the most they can so their children can go to school while the other members of the community are left to continue with other economic activities.   
Study conditions in most rural schools

These rural schools do not have a library, but they would love to have one. Libraries for Kids seeks to meet this need.

Mission: The mission of Libraries For Kids is to supply books and school supplies to schools in rural areas of underdeveloped countries to enable those schools to have a library for students. Libraries For Kids will assist those schools in broadening the educational opportunities for their students. 

The Kenyan government does not build school buildings. If you want a school building, you construct it yourself or raise the money to have it built.The government, however, does supply teachers and some school supplies.



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H. Roy Austin CPA, CMA (Chair, Libraries For Kids) 15 Trescot Lane Bluffton, SC 29909

Chris Hervochon CPA, CVA (Treasurer) 5 Royal Pointe Dr, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926


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